Data Center Cooling Solutions

Data Center Cooling Solutions by Frigotech Refrigeration & Air-conditioning

Approved Installers of Liebert CRV Precision Cooling Systems

Choosing the right data centre cooling system for your data centre is paramount to the success of companies that depend on achieving continuity. Unfortunately, whether due to rapid, unanticipated growth or a general lack of awareness with regard to the cooling requirements of sensitive electronic equipment, some data centre professionals are not able to provide adequate attention to their data centres cooling design.

Due to our involvement with Data Centres over the past ten years Frigotech Refrigeration & Air-conditioning are now approved installers for Liebert/Hi-Ross equipment Frigotech Refrigeration & Air-conditioning only use Liebert CRV Precision cooling…

To meet your specific needs, Frigotech Refrigeration & Air-conditioning offers a complete menu of service options for data centers. Through our Data Center Deployment Services, you can select from various levels of power protection system services, coverage areas, emergency response and preventive maintenance

To meet your specific needs, Frigotech Refrigeration & Air-conditioning will help you identify gaps in power and cooling infrastructure, reduce operating costs, improve IT system availability and plan for additional IT capacity. 
We offer a full range of professional assessments, electrical testing and service management support to apply data center best practices that enhance the performance of your data center

Many service organizations can perform basic repair activities and maintain equipment at some level of competency, but Frigotech Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, Liebert services can take your critical maintenance to the next level — proactive maintenance that can significantly extend the life of your power systems, decrease your capital investment, optimize system efficiency and effectiveness, and increase overall system availability.

Data Center Cooling Management Solutions

You can’t always camp out next to you servers to make sure they’re not overheating. 
So how can we proactively control and monitor our alarms and data points to keep things running.
Companies require an air-conditioner that’s going to work great, but they don't want to have to deal with it on a daily basis.
The Liebert CRV is equipped with an icon control system.
The system does all the thinking for you.
It monitors the internal components of the unit.
It monitors the environment around it, all to make the necessary decisions in settings to maintain tight temperature and humidity control in the space and at the same time it’s determining how can all this be done while minimizing your energy consumption.
At the end of the day the Liebert CRV does all the thinking for you with worry-free operations

We know your IT space is tight and you barely have room for one more rack. 
How can you expect to add cooling to your rows without an in-house engineer to do it?

Lots of data centres have too much heat and not enough space to add more cooling.
That’s where the Liebert CRV comes into play.
It's the same size as a twenty four inch server rack. 
If you have enough space to add another server, you can add a CRV.
The beauty of the CRV is that you get the performance of a large wall box air conditioner and the foot print of a server rack this air conditioners is mounted on castors which allow it to be moved into the position very quickly and easily which reduces the overall time it takes to install the air conditioner. This is a great solution for small network closets and large data centres that have hot spot cooling needs.

You current datacentre HVAC systems is pretty dependable but it can't modulate cooling based on the power load.
How can you make your cooling capacity match the actual server demand as apps and equipment come and go?

The goal of any cooling system is to match the cooling and airflow needs of the servers exactly.
Liebert CRV here is able to do this by utilizing the latest technology available in the industry today.
This includes variable speed EC Plug fans variable capacity digital scroll compressor advanced icon control system algorithms. 
The control utilizes remote rack sensors installed on the inlet of server racks to gain feedback on the air entering the servers. 
Using this information it’s able to optimize its performance to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing the needs of the servers.
It's able to do this by varying either the compressor or fan independent of one another so the servers get exactly what they need, nothing more nothing less.

An IT manager says he had a “rude awakening” while trying to replace a failed compressor.  
Seemed simple enough on paper, but he was no mechanic.  
How does the new row based cooling allow components to be easily serviced and maintained?

Liebert CRV is here to make your life a whole lot easier.
When we set out to design this product we knew that our installation service maintenance, all had to be performed through the front merely and we’re proud to say that we've executed this design flawlessly
For example the fans in the rear of the unit are mounted on the door, so when we need to access them, they swing out to you. 
You never have to climb into the unit to get to them.
Components like the steam generator humidifier that you need to be access frequently during normal maintenance intervals is located at the very edge of the unit
The condensate pump can be accessed without having to work around any other components, etc...

For - 

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Professional Assessments
  • Upgrades
  • Emergency Response
  • Service Management and Support

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